I graduated with a degree in Digital Media from John Brown University in 2007. My emphasis was in cinematography. I have been a professional video producer for 10 Years, having traveled the world shooting corporate, commercial, and documentary film.


While shooting video professionally for the past 10 years, I have developed my skill as a photographer. I love showing people how I do my work.


This is what makes my projects stand out. There is a story behind every video and photo. Lets tell your story.


Lets edit!

3 Stage Process

1 We meet before doing anything else. This time is a chance to learn what we are trying to achieve, and plan a roadmap to providing a product that will serve your needs.

2 Production is my favorite hobby. Filming and photographing are what I have trained to do my entire adult life.

3 Post Production: This is where everything comes together to tell your story.